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Our sisters and brothers in the outback are feeeling forgotten. Abandoned. Please show them you care.
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All across rural and remote Australia, families and small communities are stumbling under the ongoing weight of floods, severe storms, the bushfires, and the drought, which went on for years. In between, they faced down mice plagues and a global pandemic.

In the meantime, there are all the ups and downs and hardships of life: the death of loved ones, personal tragedies, mental health challenges, and sometimes, family violence.

Many people in the bush are reluctant to ask for help themselves. They are proud and resilient and don’t like to ‘cause a fuss’.

Frontier Services Bush Chaplains and Outback Links volunteers are often the first to see their distress and say,

“It’s OK, we’ve got you. You deserve a helping hand, and we’re here for you.”

Our programs

Bush Chaplaincy

Bush Chaplains are on the frontier providing practical, pastoral and spiritual support to those in need.

They fulfil a role that most people would struggle to do: travel tens of thousands of kilometres every year to visit people in the most remote parts of our country, check on their well-being.

They lend a sympathetic ear and can refer people to other service providers as appropriate.

Outback Links

Outback Links connects volunteers with people in remote and rural Australia Australia who need practical support.

This could include mending kilometres of flood-damaged fencing, repairing farming machinery in disrepair, and various clearing and cleaning around the property.

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