A few weeks ago, we ran a story on our Facebook page about the impressive array of beautifully hand knitted items made by a kind supporter, Mrs Norma Stafford. We packaged them up and sent half to the Snowy River Patrol and the other half to the Tennant Barkly Patrol. We got the following message from Rev Peter Wait, Patrol Minister for Tennant Barkly.

Greetings from the Barkly

Rev Peter Wait, Tennant Barkly Patrol, 15/5/15

Woollens for sale for 1Thanks to the volunteer who knitted and donated the generous assortment of winter woollies, and thanks to the Frontier Services National Office staff who handled, packaged and sent them to us here in Tennant Creek.

Winter has come early and fiercely here in the Barkly. Although we are 500km north of the Tropic of Capricorn, and it us usually somewhere between warm and stinking hot, sometimes the winter cold air from the south reaches up and across the outback and by the time it gets here, it’s blowing a cutting gale. Since Anzac Day, with one brief mild interlude, we’ve had wintry ‘Barkly Breezes’ and cool to cold nights.

That has meant locals and visitors alike have been making a steady trail into the Uniting Church op shop to stock up on suitable clothing. Our op shop is located in the original 1935 AIM Mission Hut (a Sydney Williams Hut), designed by Rev John Flynn, and erected in the main street of Tennant in the early days of the gold mines as recreation centre and residence for the patrol minister. It is the oldest building in Tennant Creek still in use.

The donated winter woollies have been placed in our op shop, where they will be (or have already been) sold for just $1 an item (our universal price) – making them available to any who need them, even those on the most limited income. Yes, we are a genuine ‘one dollar shop’. And, of course, in the case of urgent need we do give things away as well!

Ian Davidson servingSo thanks again to all who helped to bring these beautiful and lovingly made items to the Barkly. May God bless you, and those who will enjoy wearing or using them.

God’s Peace,





right: Ian Davidson behind the counter with two happy customers

Acknowledgement of Country

Frontier Services acknowledges the sovereign First Peoples on whose lands and waters we live, meet, and work.

We pay our respects to their Elders past and present and to all descendants of these Nations who have cared for this place since Creation.