Jorge Tibooburra2Tibooburra is about as far as you can get from the sea but that didn’t stop the fun or high level of competition in the boat races through the main street of town.

Broken Hill Patrol Minister Jorge Rebolledo caught all of the action at the Tibooburra Sight’n’Sound Festival recently.

As part of his work to support and foster connections in small outback communities, Jorge was in town for the big event, helping out here and there and meeting locals and visitors alike.

The boat races were a highlight of the festival with up to 200 people there to watch.

“There is no water for a good 700km from Tibooburra, but people made their own boats for the race,” said Jorge.

The creative vessels included a revamped lawnmower and a bow powered by pedals with a sail attached.

The festival also included an open air cinema and a thong throwing competition, although Jorge admits his throw did not go very far.

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Acknowledgement of Country

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