Bernie Sylvia cropFrontier Services has welcomed Sylvia Rushton as the new Residential Care Manager for its aged care services in the Northern Territory and Kimberley region.

Originally from England, Ms Rushton was lured by the opportunity for a new adventure and to learn about different cultures with Frontier Services, the largest provider of aged and community care in remote Australia.

After completing her training as a nurse, Ms Rushton moved to New Zealand to experience the beauty and cultural riches of the Southern Hemisphere. This same passion brought her to Australia and led into her accepting the senior role with Frontier Services.

Ms Rushton has experience in private, public and non-for-profit aged care facilities, however has a strong affinity with non-for-profit, and particularly the ethos of Frontier Services.

“Caring for older people is so much more than a pay cheque. It is about respect and dignity and giving the best possible care to people,” she said.

“The vision of Frontier Services is such a strong one, especially for older Indigenous Australians. Aged care is an underestimated position, but a vitally important one. Our older people have so much life experience, so many stories and wisdom and I love to learn from them.”

Ms Rushton is not afraid to admit that her role is a big one, particularly because of the challenges of distance and the remoteness of the facilities, but she is determined to face the challenges with enthusiasm and determination, backed by her 14 years of experience in managing aged care facilities.

“I am so proud to be offered this position. It is a huge job, but I am excited about the prospect of learning about Australia from the people in Australia. The people who have lived and experienced this country all their lives,” she said.

M Rushton’s first item on the agenda was to visit all the facilities and meet the staff and residents that she will be working alongside.

“I love working on the floors. I am first and foremost a nurse, and the only way to lead is to lead by example. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone, getting to know them and working alongside them, facing the challenges together.”

Acknowledgement of Country

Frontier Services acknowledges the sovereign First Peoples on whose lands and waters we live, meet, and work.

We pay our respects to their Elders past and present and to all descendants of these Nations who have cared for this place since Creation.